The Worst Moving Mistakes

Moving time is chaotic. It takes up a lot of your time and energy, and with that, errors are, therefore, prone to happen.


Moving time is chaotic. It takes up a lot of your time and energy, and with that, errors are, therefore, prone to happen. These mistakes come with additional costs on top of the already moving cost. After testaments from individuals who have made these mistakes, we have come up with a few of the worst mistakes made while moving.

The ‘I do not need help’ mentality

With a lot of DIY videos going around, most people have tried and opted to try and do the moving instead of hiring a moving company. Doing it yourself is not only time consuming but also creates room for mistakes. In the process of packaging, moving, and unpacking, some of your valuable items may get destroyed, causing more cost in replacing or repairing the item than it would have cost you to hire a reputable moving company.

Procrastination in packing

A majority of people are procrastinators, especially when the task appears tiresome, like packing for a move. Unfortunately, packing at the last minute leaves room for mistakes. When you pack in a hurry, you fail to pay attention to the important stuff, such as the more fragile goods that would take up more time and care to wrap. There is also a chance that you forget to pack something you wanted to move.


It is very common to want to hold on to things you feel hold some sentimental value for you. However, many times, these are items you do not need. All they end up doing is add more cost to your move and take up space in the new place that could be put to better use. Moving time is a great time to DE clutter. If you have things you have not used for a while and others that you have in doubles, get rid of them.

No insurance

We have all been guilty of not insuring our goods at one point or the other. Not insuring your assets, expensive or not, is dangerous, especially during the moving process. Insurance ensures that replacement or repair of the good is possible without having to add more cost to your moving expenditure. It also comes through for you when you need to fix or replace the item, and you have financial constraints.

Why choose Coast Movers for your move?

Coast Movers are a professional and a well-rooted moving company providing services in the Washington areas. We are equipped with the best and up to date moving equipment. With over ten years of experience, our kind, reliable, honest, and professionally trained team will ensure that your move is smooth, safe and that all your goods get to their destination in perfect condition.

However, in the event of any accidents, Coast Movers are a well bonded and insured company, which is a professional responsibility we do not take lightly.

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We at Coast Movers are well equipped to ensure that even the worst of moving mistakes do not occur. Moving does not have to be a difficult task. Contact us, and we will get your goods from one place to the other with ease, peace, and the utmost care. Let us make this the perfect moving experience for you.

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