The Pros and Cons of Moving to Tennessee

Moving to Tennessee could be an excellent decision for you if you like the low cost of living, the fantastic scenery, and several other benefits.


Moving can be a little discomforting and, sometimes, you may not know what to expect. However, moving to Tennessee could be an excellent decision for you if you like the low cost of living, the fantastic scenery, and several other benefits. Here are some pros and cons to moving to Tennessee.

Moving to Tennessee: Pros and Cons

Pro: Low Cost of Living

Who doesn’t want to live in a place with a low cost of living? Tennessee is the second inexpensive state to live in. When you add this to the fact that Tennessee has cheap houses, low unemployment rates, and no income taxes, you get a haven full of scenic landscapes, great coffee, and beautiful music. However, before moving, you’ll have to decide which part of Tennessee you’ll be moving to and plan your finances accordingly.

Pro: Scenic Landscapes

Tennessee is rife with waterfalls, rolling mountains, and many waterholes for you to cool off during the hot summers. Tennessee offers endless opportunities for biking experiences, hiking, and even fishing. Exploring Tennessee’s beautiful nature and scenic environment during your free days will be one sure way to re-energize and recharge your body and mind for the workdays ahead.

Pro: Incredible Cities, Great Food, Fantastic Music, and the Best Beer

Whatever city you chose to move to, one thing is for sure; you’ll not be disappointed. Tennessee has the best coffee with vast numbers of coffee shops in almost any city you go to. It also has the best food with Nashville being home to the savory, crispy hot chicken, Memphis with its mouthwatering barbecue, and Chattanooga with its endless fusion.

Tennessee is also home to some of the greatest artists like Justine Timberlake, and some of the best start-up bands like Paramour. If you love music, then Tennessee is the place to go, and you may be thinking its only country, but there is definitely more!

Pro: Low Property Taxes

Tennessee has some of the lowest property taxes, which go for as low as $1000 each year. However, this depends on which part of Tennessee you’ll be moving to since you may have to pay property taxes of up to $2000 in other places such as the Memphis area.

Con: Tornadoes and Hurricanes

Tennessee is not in the heart of Tornado alley; however, it does get hit by the occasional tornado, especially in the late spring. You’ll also experience a few thunderstorms with severe lightning and an occasional hurricane threat.

Con: Driving and Traffic

If you move to Tennessee, you’ll want to own a vehicle even though there are public transportation options. The reason is that public transportation is not very reliable; therefore, buying a car will go a long way to help you make your daily commuting trips.


Moving to Tennessee has its pros and cons. However, it’s quite simple: if you love the music, the food, and Tennessee’s lovely scenic nature and you’re thinking of moving there, then you’ll feel right at home. Get in touch with us, Coast Movers, to help turn your dream into a reality.

We are the best because we provide personalized moving assistance that makes the whole process effortless and reliable. We are professionals who are dedicated to our job. We ensure that your property reaches its intended destination in one piece. Choose Coast Movers for your moving services.

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