Choosing a Tacoma Moving Company

Moving home is often quoted as being one of the most stressful experiences we ever go through in our lives. The whole process of packing up our belongings, leaving our home and moving to pastures new is bad enough — add to that the fact that we have to entrust our possessions and their transport to complete strangers and it’s no wonder our stress levels soar!

The problem is we don’t tend to move often enough in our lives to make it a process we get used to. We’re generally all novices when it comes to moving and it shows! But, like any process, moving is all about being smart and knowing what you’re doing. You’re about to find out more about the hardest part of the process – choosing a moving company. You’ll find more information on the other ins and outs of moving on the menu on the left of the page.

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    Today moving companies can offer you a wide range of additional services.

    These may include:


    The sale or hire of packing materials

    Unpacking and storage facilities

    Cleaning of the destination

    Assistance in unpacking and arranging your things

    These additional services will obviously cost you more money.

    When to hire with a moving company

    As a guideline you should have chosen your moving company at least 4-8 weeks before your moving day. Leave it too long and you’ll find that the good companies are fully booked and you’ll have less choice in the matter. It’s far better to choose and book your company as far in advance as possible. You should be talking to your shortlist as soon as you have an estimated moving day. Bear in mind that movers are often busy at the end of the month, on Fridays and at weekends and may charge more for these premium times. Many will tell you that they have certain quiet days — such as Mondays — they may even be prepared to offer you a discount to move during their less busy periods. It’s always worth asking!

    The Benefits of Moving From Seattle to Tacoma

    Make a quick checklist of what you need the moving company to do.

    This list will help you get the best quotes, as you’ll be able to be very exact about your needs. Here’s an example:
    • Your preferred moving dates
    • Are you looking to move locally, long-distance or, even internationally?
    • Will you need the moving company to transport valuable or fragile items?
    • Do you just want to hire a vehicle to move yourself?
    • Do you need storage facilities?
    • How much stuff do you have?
    • How much insurance will you need?
    • How to choose a good moving company

    In choosing a good moving company you should get 2 to 3 quotes from reputable moving companies.

    The following are some suggested questions:
    • Are they an accredited member of a moving association or trade body?
    • Are they bonded and insured?
    • What does their insurance cover?
    • Do they have an established process for resolving disputes?
    • How long have they been in business?
    • What is their experience? Do they do mostly local or cross country moves?
    • What is their reputation?
    • What does their service entail?
    • What is their estimate based on? Hours, weight or volume?
    • How many people will be involved in the move?
    • How binding is their estimate?

    Aditional Tips


    Call the chosen moving company a few days ahead of time to confirm your arrangements.


    On the day of the move, always insure that there is someone with your stuff at all times, for security reasons.


    If their estimate is by weight, assert your right to be present when they are weighing your goods.

    About Coast Movers

    • Coast movers has been in business for over 7 years.
    • All our movers are vetted for competency and honesty.
    • We are bonded and insured.
    • We excel in secure and customer centered moving practices.
    • We have moved people from state to state and across the country.
    • We have a very good reputation with our past customers.
    • Our rates are competitive and high value.

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      The 3 man team that moved my son was amazing. For 7 hours they did not stop moving except for a short lunch break. Coast Movers moved from a 3 story place...

      Paul C.Paul C.

      I only needed a baby grand piano to be moved from a friends house in GH to ours in GH, so I contacted Coast Movers. The owner, Jonathan, was great in...

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