Moving Checklist

Moving needs plenty of strategizing. It’s naturally a stress packed endeavor that can only get worse with unpreparedness.

Moving Checklist

Moving needs plenty of strategizing. It’s naturally a stress packed endeavor that can only get worse with unpreparedness. It’s, thus, essential to create a moving checklist. The latter gives you a third eye perspective on the nitty-gritty and can help to foresee hurdles so you can put in place measures to solve them before they happen.

Two Months before the Move

Sort your items. Create a ‘to keep list’ of things and a ‘donate/sell list’ at this initial stage.

Come up with a budget for the move. Determine the amount you are willing to spend on the move so that you don’t go overboard in the actual process.

Hire a moving company. The process takes plenty of research, in-home consultations, and comparing quotes. Ensure that the mover you settle on is licensed and bonded.

Ask for time off work in advance. It would help if you moved on a Friday, so you get the weekend to settle in.

Find a new school for your kids, and notify their current school that the kids would be transferring. Get all their transcripts and records.

Six Weeks Before the Move

Hold a garage sale or donate everything else that you wouldn’t need in your new home.

Get packing boxes, packing paper and other supplies you would need for the process.

Let your friends and family know that you are moving

Four Weeks Before the Move

Label your moving boxes and start packing items into the designated boxes, bags, or containers.

Create a soft copy inventory of all the boxes and their contents. You can refer to this after the move to ascertain that nothing is missing.

Mark boxes that contain fragile items and label them as so.

Contact your utility companies, banks, credit card companies, and subscription services and cancel subscriptions or give them your new address

Two Weeks to the Move

Contact the moving company and confirm the moving date and plans.

Pick up your dry cleaning and clear out your fridge, pantry, and storage units.

Continue packing, paying particular attention to birth certificates, financial records, and legal documents.

One Week to the Move

Wind up the general household packing.

Pack your travel bag with essentials, including a phone charger and toilet paper.

Refill your doctor’s prescriptions and ask to transfer your medical information and records to a doctor or pharmacy in your new location.

Disconnect your large appliances like the piano, washing machine or fridge and clean them up.

Two Days Before the Move

Check your arrangements with the moving company again to ensure that nothing has changed on their side.

Disassemble your furniture and other fixtures, storing the screws, fasteners, and brackets in a small plastic bag.

Moving Day

Meet the movers at the agreed time.

Hand them written directions to your new place.

Keep the valuables close to you; including boxes containing your certificates, passports, jewelry, laptops, and other items.

Monitor the load-in, watching out for damage.

Clean the house room by room as the crew empties them.

Turn off the light and the AC, lock the windows and doors, and say goodbye to your old home.

At Your New Home

Lay down a carpet protector before the movers starting shuffling in.

Show the moving crew where to place the boxes.

Refer top your inventory and check for missing or damaged items.

Pay the movers through the agreed payment method, tipping them as you see fit.

Assemble furniture and start unpacking.

Make The Move Easier

Whether you are temporarily or permanently relocating to a new place, you definitely need a moving company by your side. While you may be capable of handling the move alone, our team of experienced professionals will help make your job much simpler.

Once you get in touch with Coast Movers, we will readily carry out the move, ensuring that all your precious belongings reach the destination safely. You can count on our moving experts for moving heavy-duty items as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Coast Movers to simplify your relocation. We will offer a solution tailored to meet your needs. The best part: you’d be fully satisfied with the results.

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