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Bremerton, Washington

Lying comfortably in waterways near Seattle, Bremerton, WA, is a small friendly town where everyone pretty much knows everyone. It is a great place to relocate if you want to get away from the city and just enjoy life in a small town that is affordable to boot!

It is a place of short, dry, and warm summers that are sometimes partly cloudy. Winters are mostly cloudy, very cool, and wet. Temperatures vary in the 36F-78F range throughout the year. And like its neighbor, Seattle, the town is a bit rainy. So, pack your rain gears, people, let's talk about what Bremerton has to offer.

 The Best Things about Bremerton  

 Central location

Bremerton is a bustling Navy town, just a ferry ride away from the Metropolis; it is never dull at all. It also just sits close enough to the Kitsap Peninsula, the Olympic and Rainier Mountains, and only a half-hour drive from Tacoma. So, there are lots to do here whether you want that quiet farm life or some to work in the retail districts.

Enjoy great camping and hiking areas or take on a relaxing, picturesque ferry ride to Seattle across the Puget Sound or head south in your car to Tacoma to explore its hidden gems. In Bremerton, there's nothing to stop you from having fun.

 Plenty of Parks

Sample some fresh farmers produce at the Evergreen Rotary Park, where you can also marvel at the local music and art. The Kitsap 9/11 memorial is located here; there is also a playground and

trails for the outdoorsy type.

If you want to catch some sports and athletic events, the Prendergast Regional Park never disappoints. The Olympic Sports and Soccer Center is located here. There are also volleyball and basketball courts and soccer fields. You can catch plenty of action as the local; leagues take on each other and visiting clubs from other towns.

 Education and Arts

Bremerton is home to 14 schools, including the Olympic High School, Central Kitsap High School, and Bremerton High School, just to mention a few. Bremerton High School has a great Performing arts center that includes a dance theatre, opera venue, and home to the Bremerton Symphony. For advanced and technical higher learning, the Olympic College has got it all with an excellent business program for those who want to get into the retail, government, or public service sector.

It has a good student to teacher ratio with 16 students per classes and experienced teachers. Most of the teachers have 13 years in the field, with half of them having a Master's qualification in their respective teaching areas.

 Diverse Neighborhoods With a Low Crime Rate

Bremerton has a low crime rate, though not as lower as the safest communities in the U.S. Still, chances of you becoming a victim of crime are really low. It is a diverse neighborhood, famous for its shipyards, so you will meet people from all over the country.

 Some of the best neighborhoods include:

Erlands Point, located on the ocean inlet and home to some of the wealthiest people in Bremerton. Most of the families here are active military personnel and some of the nation's top wage earners.

You can also settle in the Sea-beck Community. A lot of young families and workers live here-this a beautiful neighborhood with a great look at the mountains and rain-forest.

Life is much cheaper in Bremerton. It is characterized by low rent rates and median home prices. On average, the price of property here is half of what they cost in Seattle. This, coupled with the fact that it's close to nature with scenic mountains and beautiful waters on your doorstep, makes this town dearly loved.

For further information about moving to Bremerton, our moving specialists are here to help. We've got over ten years of experience in the moving and relocation business, helping families and businesses settle in their dream homes. Let's make this hectic activity more comfortable for you!

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