Organizing / Unpacking Service

We are excited to announce our NEW Organizing / Unpacking Services coming to our company this Summer! 

With the high volume of customers we have had this very busy summer season, we noticed an increase of customers needing extra help after their moves are completed with our company. We decided to offer a crew of woman that can come out to your home the day after or following week after your move/relocation to specifically focus on and assist with organizing/unpacking your home.

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    These services really focus on getting our customers organized and fully unpacked where things need to go so that they can more easily transition into their new routines & work with less stress, which is the ultimate goal to provide a more easier transition for our customers during an already stressful time. The moving process alone can take a toll and create extra stress with everything you need to do with updating contact info, a new job, getting new healthcare, getting your children in a new school & sports, ect so we thought why not take off that initial stress with an additional unpacking and organizing service which without, usually takes the customers up to a month or more to fully be organized and unpacked in their new home. Our services can change that length of time where their home is 100% unpacked and organized from a month to just under a week , while our customers are able to focus on going back to work or whatever other tasks they have more quickly, and less stressed out with their home already being organized knowing where to find every item they have! No one enjoys not knowing where their belongings are for even one day let alone for over a month! So we ask our customers to consider using this unique helpful service that really makes a difference for them after we relocate you into your new home. Who has ever moved between cities or out of state and had absolutely no one in the family offer to help you unpack or organize and you might feel SO overwhelmed, especially having any children in the family, and not having anyone you can rely on to help you? Well, our unique services will help solve that problem and turn it into a relaxing and more enjoyable re-location for you!

    Our Unpacking / Organizing Services Offer:

    A 3 woman crew for only $145 an hour

    A 2 woman crew for only $95 an hour

    A 1 woman crew for $65 an hour

    We can also provide a 1 or 2 man crew to come along with them to fix or put anything else together that you still need.

    We Provide

    • Unpacking boxes
    • Organizing items in shelving units and proper rooms within the home(Dishes, Clothes, Bathroom Products, Office Books.
    • Decorating/ Staging for lighting, Furniture/Carpets/Lamps
    • Organizing All items into the right rooms and creating a Living Space that is more inviting and usable
    • Decorating Assistance

    Call us today to Schedule us into your Calender. We can provide up to as many days of help you need after your move day.

    We really look forward to assisting you with a less stressful time unpacking & organizing your home!

    Katherine A.Katherine A.

    The 3 man team that moved my son was amazing. For 7 hours they did not stop moving except for a short lunch break. Coast Movers moved from a 3 story place...

    Jelly B.Jelly B.

    WOW!!!! This company made my day!!! I originally pre-book with Bell hop movers for about 1/ 1/2 month out to made sure things go's smoothly and in a good...

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