Moving to a new place can be quite fun and adventurous. You get to discover and explore new places and learn about new cultures and traditions from the locals. Silverdale is located in Kitsap County, Washington's second most populated county, and has a population of 20,185 people. The town has been experiencing a steady population increase because of the variety of benefits it offers. Have a look at some of the benefits of living in Silverdale. Discover what you're missing out on.

The Beautiful Scenery

Silverdale has a beautiful, inviting atmosphere full of breath-taking views, scenic trails, and miles of beautiful beachfront. The town enjoys cool and dry summers and mild winters that let you relish your time exploring Silverdale's natural beauty. It's got great places for snow skiing, hiking, and many other fantastic water activities.


When you live in Silverdale, then Seattle is just a ferry away. You could commute to work if you wanted to or take your time doing fun activities such as riding the big wheel or have fun tasting the culinary treats in some of the fine restaurants in Seattle.


Silverdale has a lot of military bases. When you add this to the fact that a couple of big companies, Amazon and Microsoft, are located just across the town, you know that job opportunities are not so hard to find. Silverdale has a strong economy that can easily support the residents, and it has so many business opportunities that you can't go wrong if you tried.

Fun places

Silverdale has many fun places that you can enjoy spending time with you and your family. It's only two and a half hours from Eastern Washington, which is always sunny with warm temperatures and a great place to spend your time in the cold, calm waters. You could also enjoy your time in places like Lake Chelan and Moses Lake, and if you have a boat, you'll get to enjoy your time in the water and do some fishing or diving.

Low crime rates

Silverdale is a relatively small town, which means that it has low crime rates. Because of this, you can afford the opportunity to live in a comfortable, safe, and quiet place without worrying about any criminal activities, vandalism, or theft to your property.

Moving to Silverdale will be fascinating, to say the least, and although it gives the impression of being a small town, it has a lot to offer, and you'll feel right at home. You'll be sure to love it once you allow yourself the opportunity to try it out. Allow yourself to enjoy the lovely weather, fantastic outdoor activities, and the chance to enjoy calm, stunning sceneries with the most remarkable residents.

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