Piano Movers Tacoma

So, you’re planning on relocating to a new home, neighborhood, or even state but are worried about that grand Piano?

Piano Movers Tacoma

So, you’re planning on relocating to a new home, neighborhood, or even state but are worried about that grand Piano? Well, at Coast Movers, we’ve been in the relocation business for over ten years, and no one could be more careful with your Piano than us. We understand all the hassles involved with moving Pianos. So, if you’re looking for a Piano Mover in Tacoma, here’s our advice on how to vet a moving company. You are going to see that we understand all about Piano moving.

What to Look for When Hiring the Services of Piano Mover in Tacoma

Do they have insurance?

The world is not without accidents; that’s why you should always get a piano mover with an Insurance liability cover. Insurance cover will always take care of medical bills in case of those broken bones or strained backs and compensation in case your Piano gets damaged.

Do they have any experience moving pianos?

For professionals, no tools or warm, colorful smile beats experience – and I mean nothing. You are going to rest easy if you know your piano is in the safest hands. And one way to know that is to check out the mover’s past client reviews, testimonials, and referrals.

Experienced piano movers can deal with any hullabaloo that arises. They understand the do’s and don’t of moving a piano such as Weighing Piano and measuring the new room first, recruiting the necessary help, using the right tools, and not fully relying on those piano casters. They understand that rollers cam jam or even destroy your precious carpet. So, check out if past clients have complained of such issues – scratched floors and torn carpets.

Find out about the storage conditions and equipment they employ

Strength alone doesn’t matter. Tools such as straps, protection equipment, paddings, doolies and cranes are needed to. So, how well do the piano movers know their tools?

Is their truck spacious enough because the Piano is going to get loaded first and other things to follow? Extra baggage, in case of any, should not exert much weight on the Piano.

Additionally, if transporting overnight in humid conditions, how do they protect the wood? An experienced piano mover, specialized armed tools, should be able to relocate any piano without any hassles.

Ask about training

It’s not just about lifting from place to place. A piano mover needs to have training on how to protect the wood from humid conditions, how to use the moving equipment, not to forget the scales and measurements, how to move up winding stairs, and more. Training equips the piano mover with skill to avoid damage to Piano, self, or other people.

In retrospect, it could be a priceless heirloom, or you worked hard for it. Either way, you need assurance that, in case of damages, it won’t end up into a sizeable mess in your house while you sit there reminiscing of the good times. Still, have questions regarding piano relocation? Contact us and let us help you stay in tune with your Piano throughout your relocation in Tacoma.

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